Topics to cover:

  • Setting up a Google Analytics account
  • Configuring Gatsby to use the Global Site Tag


In today’s tutorial, I will help you add Google Analytics 4.0 to your Gatsby website for free using the Global…

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1. Create a react native project

npx react-native-cli rn-firebase

2. Create a Firebase project on firebase

  • Head over to to create a new project.
  • Add a new application for either android or iOS (or both)

3. Installing React Native Firebase App library

Install the React Native Firebase “app” module to the root of your React Native project with NPM or Yarn(I will be using NPM throughout, hence find the…

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For iOS,

  1. cd /ios
  2. pod install

Basic Setup:

Inside your babel.configure.js file, add the code below:

module.exports = {
"plugins": […

day 4 of #ReactNativeIn30Days

The Modal

Surprisingly, using modals in React Native is quite easy and straight forward. Maybe it…

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A Frontend and Mobile Developer. I share my learning experience through writing based on what I will want to read when learning a new concept to help others.

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